It’s been a hot minute, but I’m beginning a new thing and I didn’t want to leave behind the audience that I have neglected for so long. There is a chance you are seeing this twice, so if you’ve already seen this, please disregard. I’ m doing a bit of overlap.

The pill case version of this is I’m pledging to go “All Audio” in my Social Media post for 1 Year. I’m doing this for a number of reason that I try to cover in the audio, but I’ll try to outline them here.

I am not happy with the status quo on Social Media. I think the powers-that-be have over-designed the all-powerful algorithm and its messing with our ability to connect. I also think keyboard anonymity has gone on far too long. But most importantly I think attention spans are too divided.

My solution is to change how I participate. I’m am going to use less text and images and more audio. Now, I know this excludes a certain segment of potential audience and I’m working on that. The minute I can find a reliable and accurate transcription method it will be employed. But until then, If I have something to say I’m going to record it in audio.

I’ve decided to start with the Anchor platform, which has a mobile app as an all-in-one solution. That means the audio will be off a lesser quality than my higher production gear, but that is part of the idea. A concept called ‘Lean Audio’ where I spend less time making things sound perfect and just get the message out there. The idea being I spend less time editing myself and more time making moments and memories.

It’s going to be a hard sell, but I think going “dark” on text posts will be a healthy change for me. I’m hoping I can figure out a way to merge the RSS of the feed into the existing Quantum Xen Audio channel, so that new posts will just appear. But that means they MAY NOT show up on WordPress. I dunno yet. I hope not. We’ll see.

Anyway, I hope you are down for this adventure with me. I haven’t gone, I’ve just changed format. 🙂