As usual, I’m late to the (staying at home) party.

Not that this is a party anyone wanted to have. But circumstances have finally come around for me to take a bit of paid time off. One (1) Work week, to be exact, which after adding on my usual days off comes out to be a scheduled 9 days.

Now, we will see what happens, but that is all I am expecting to take off for now. I’m prepared to have to make adjustments and will be ready to pivot in any way necessary. But meanwhile, I should at least attempt to make a play at some catch up.

My last post on this blog was in Late November 2019. Between Winter weather, a bit of creative boost which in turn tapered off and a lot of PS4 I’ve let the regular posts drop off. This is not the first time this has happened; I seem to recall a good portion of 2018 has a big gap in it as well. So I go through spurts, for sure.

Of course, the big piece of recent news has to do with the global pandemic that is COVID-19. But there were some other things I was working on before the slump in posts and I want to try to wrap those up. Mainly, commentary on the 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees and the Audio Journals effort. I also have recently gotten the bug to look at re-designing the blog again, something that happens to me every couple years as new design trends take shape.

So, don’t mind me if things start spinning up again. There is no schedule for this in place so things are just going to pop up unexpectedly as I figure out what I want to do. But I have some time, so I should probably use it.