Awhile back I purchased a Razer Kishi Game Controller for my Google Pixel 4 XL. (CORRECTION: Google Pixel 2 XL) It seems like I’ve been waiting this entire Quarantine for it to arrive. Well, if finally came today and I shot this little Gallery and Video to show it off.

The first thing to note is that it connects directly to the phone and has no battery or charger. It has a pass-through interface for your phones charging cable and gets its power from your phone. I should mention that during the game play in the video I probably used about upwards of 10% of my battery, but I’m not sure how much of that was used before actual game play started. Either way, you probably won’t be playing too long. I plan on having my battery backup on hand to extend use.

Here are the unboxing images. I also took the time to download the GeForce Now app and fire up my copy of No Man’s Sky just to show what it looks like in stills.

I’ll likely have more pictures as I discover more cool things I can do with this. However, I have to say I’m most excited about having the ability to get at my PC games on the go! WiFI only, though! I can’t imagine what the Data Use would be like over the air!