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8:1 odds aren’t bad for a healthy gamble (never gamble unless you can afford to lose, kids)

But, honestly, it would be a cash grab if they did. They don’t need a show; The
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Complete Fantasy Grounds Bundle & and Ultimate Fantasy Grounds License up for grabs!!
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I miss the early days of Podcasts, before it was taken over by the marketing machine. When it was safe space to express yourself without judgement.

The attitude towards putting yourself out there (the online audio space) now has been …

It really is about time that this is a thing. If you do not already know about Flula, you’re welcome.

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Hard to believe this is just an ad for a website (one I use and love, but still)
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I’m looking forward to ‘Everything Is Alive’, a podcast of interviews with inanimate objects.

Check out these new shows coming to Radiotopia!
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The ‘Amen Break’, drum breaks and the impact of their Sampling.

Michael Eaton! Here’s another one for you.

Definitely a familiar sound, though I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it most in a few Information Society songs.
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I’ve been reading about this all over the the internet, but I won’t listen to it until I get home where my sound system is.

What do YOU think? Michael Eaton! I’ll ask you about this one Monday!
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It’s a bit cloudy but I got a pretty good shot I think. #moonmania
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That’s a No-No!
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