Quantum Xen

Quantum: a unit of measure, traditionally the least | Xen: Me

*hype train toots whistle*

I may have to pre-order this. September feels so far off.
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So, I jumped on the bandwagon during the Winter Olympics and I have not looked back. The tipping point was when YouTube included both YouTube Red AND YouTube Music in the bundle for no additional cost. I dropped my CableTV …

This topic comes up occasionally, especially when I read comments on other threads. The topic of Remakes and Reimaginings. Pick any series, Any Franchise. There is always someone that says “They should leave it alone.” or “The original author is …

Well I went and did it again. After recently bitching about using commentsand repies correctly I failed to mind my own sensibiilties.

Remider to self, If you read the comments, but don’t want to start anything unintentional, bring it back …

DP2 just as funny as the first with a little more charm. My favorite parts are the music cues.
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Still waiting for theater to open for seating. But here and ready!
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Motorcycle riders: Is there a leather jacket style what zips but has a cover flap that crosses over the front of your torso, then fastens (with buttons or toggles) truly vertically (not at an angle to the navel like I …

This episode describes the Westworld Experience at the last SXSW.

Sounds to me like some of the Actors went through a very rough version of what our Ritual Priesthood does for our communities festivals, without the rigorous training and supervision.…

No Man’s Sky comes to XBox One at the end of July, with the legendary missing Muliplayer finally added in.

Really hoping all the other platforms are updated by then.

Would be nice to also have cross-platorm support (not announced …

I’ve fallen down a K-hole. Send help. #YoureWelcome
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