Quantum Xen

Quantum: a unit of measure, traditionally the least | Xen: Me

Will somebody please send me a link to a good article that covers this FB Hack (The one that sends a video?) everyone seems to be getting hit with. I’d like to know more about the vector.
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Arrived to work before my normal time to clock in. I see they are letting someone use the car wash.

Current Temp here is 27° F. #WTF #NotNormal #Deets2Come
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Updated: February 19, 2018 at 10:23PM

New swanky menus!! #NBBG #ChickenFriedPrimeRib #Brekkies
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Our local weather expert, North Bend WA Weather (Who is stationed just a few blocks from The Wyrmhole) tells us we may get some of that S-Word tonight into tomorrow.


#NorthBendWx #LivingSnoqualmie
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