Sounds from Elite Dangerous (Headphones Experience)

I’m having so much fun I figured I should update my podcast feed with my recent Elite Dangerous shenanigans as well.

The idea here was to try to create a ‘theater of the mind’ experience by using audio from the livestream in a podcast form.

If you want to see the full video that includes another whole hour of gameplay, check out my previous blog post titled ‘Elite Dangerous‘ where I have attached an entire playlist of my sessions. This audio comes from ‘Episode 16’.

And if I’ve helped raise your own curiosity about the game itself, you can check it out on their official website!

Elite Dangerous

Hey there! I’m still alive, although as of recently I can be found either at work, asleep or playing this FANTASTIC Space Life game called Elite Dangerous. Instead of going all on about how much I love the game I’ll let this YouTube playlist of me playing speak for itself.

Instead of making new posts every time I put up a new video, I’m just going to add them to this playlist. If you want to know when I go live with new episodes, I suggest Subscribing to my channel and Clicking on the Notification Bell icon so you are alerted whenever I go online (Usually evenings).

If you liked Spacefaring Combat and Enterprising Ventures, Check out Elite Dangerous!