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Xen’s Natal Chart

Oh, my stars!

I’ve had my chart done by online tools for years.  Fortunately, the information is always the same and congruent no matter who I use.

But now I feel this wouldn’t be a complete self-journal if I didn’t publish this information.  For those concerned, I’ve weighed the pros and cons of making my full report public.  To me, its far more useful for others to see.  I am mostly aware of all these aspects of myself, though I admit that some parts even make me gloss over and I later re-discover something I might have found less interesting.

But I like the idea of people who might have the interest to be able to dig in.  

Click here for the downloadable full report in PDF format

A special thanks to Astrolabe for generating the report.  Of the ones I have used, I find their formatting and presentation the most comprehensive and informative.

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